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Flat Chenille Ring No 2

Flat Chenille Ring No 2 by Diána Balogh

Flat Chenille is still one of my favourite designs I developed. It is so simple, well organised and dainty. That is the reason, I love it very much.

I like the simple version of the ring too (which I designed in 2015), but I think, these rings with the pearls are even more elegant.

New in the tutorial: You will find cutout marker labels for the beads I used to create the beadwork on the printer friendly pages of the tutorial. Use them to make the beading easier and more transparent.

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Beaded flowers around a round stone

beaded flowers around a round stone

One of my favourite customers ask me to design a very simple, feminine pendant: a 12 mm rivoli surrounded by tiny flowers. 

She bought two dozen sweaters for women come from low-income families, are in shelters or getting back in the work force. She wanted to bead a small pendant to donate along with the sweaters, something pretty but not that would cause the women harm in anyway.

“I just wanted to make a little something special for them that they cannot buy in the store.”

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Beaded herringbone stitch necklace

I created this herringbone stitch necklace for the Aglio pendant. I made a 86 cm (34 inch) long rope without clasp, and plugged both ends of the chain through the Aglio pendant. It gave a very interesting result, my pendant became a scarf buckle.

I played with the rope and the pendant. I plugged the herringbone rope through the Aglio bead and created a simple pendant (a big bead on a rope) from it.

At the end I turned it into a real garlic (hence the name Aglio, it means garlic) by using a big bead cap. I attached a big jump ring to the pendant, and put it on the herringbone necklace.

And now I wrote a tutorial for the herringbone necklace as well, which teaches you how you can bead a herringbone rope from seed beads, and how you can create a necklace from your herringbone rope.

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Beading tutorial Aurelia beaded bead

beading tutorial aurelia beaded bead

A chrysalis or aurelia hides a beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately there is no butterfly in this beaded bead. Nonetheless my daughter gave this name to the beaded bead, because the shape and the hollow structure remind her of a chrysalis.

This is another no-special-bead project. I used 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads and some bicone crystals to create them.

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Beading tutorial rimed snowflake

beading tutorial rimed snowflake

Sometimes it happens that a snow crystal in the cloud collide with some water droplets, which freeze onto the ice. These droplets are called rime. A snow crystal might have some rime droplets, and it can occur, that a crystal is completely covered with rime.

This is a 2 in 1 beaded snowflake tutorial:
using it you can create two versions of the Rimed Snowflake:

❊ one with a star shaped hole in the middle, and
❊ another one with a round stone crystal in the middle.

This is a no-special-bead project, I used super duo beads, seed beads and 8 mm round stones (optional) for the snowflakes.

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Beading pattern collection Snowflakes ebook

beading pattern collection snowflaes ebook by Diána Balogh

(more than 1000 beaded snowflake variations)

Snowflakes are wonders of nature. Every single one is unique. If we could observe them closely, we’ll be dazzled by their beautiful complexity and fragility. You can learn how to create wonderful beaded snowflakes using a very straightforward way. The book walks you through the entire process of beading, with detailed instructions alongside diagrams and phase photos, so you can easily bead any of the thousand possible snowflakes, and create your own snowflake collection to turn your home into a winter wonderland.

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Christmas napkin ring beading tutorial

Christmas napkin ring beading turorial

I am not going to give beaded jewellery as a gift this Christmas. This year I will surprise my family members with napkin rings. Of course with BEADED napkin rings, since I am a beader. 😀
I designed a special set for my mother, real Christmas napkin rings, decorated with ilex. I really like the way it took shape, and it really remembers me of Christmas spent at home when I was a child. We always decorated our home with holly.

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Claspception beaded clasp tutorial

Claspception beaded clasp tutorial

Clasp the clasp into another clasp. Repeat this again and again. The result is the Claspception. This is my new design: a modular beaded jewellery. Join 8-10 clasps into a bracelet. Or connect 20 into a short necklace. Or more for a long one. Create your clasps using more colours and combine the colours with each other. It is easy to make a black jewellery. Or a white. Join the two colours and create a black-white variation. The more colours you use, the more options you have for variation: cool and warm colours, shades of browns and gold, rainbow colours…

And one more thing: If you can not find the appropriate clasp for your beadwork, using this tutorial you can create one in the perfect colours for your jewellery.

This tutorial is based on Geneviève Liebaert’s Chenille spiral.

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Kathleen chenille beaded bead tutorial

Kathleen chenille beaded bead tutorial

Kathleen Chenille beaded bead is an easy to make beaded bead tutorial with flowers. “No special beads” project. I used Japanese Toho seed beads in two sizes (11/0 and 15/0) only, and a round wooden bead with the diameter of 2 cm. The size of the finished beadwork is 2,4 cm (1 inch) across. You can use your beaded bead as a pendant, a key fob, or a bag ornament as well.

This design is based on Geneviève Liebaert’s Chenille spiral.

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Ladybird beaded bead for IBW 2020

Ladybird beaded beads

I designed this little beaded bead (its diameter is just 12 mm) exclusively for International Beading Week 2020.
I named my creation Ladybird Beaded Bead, because the red one remembers me to a tiny cute ladybird.

If you create one piece it can be used as a tiny pendant. From two pieces you can make a pair of earrings. From more pieces you can create longer earrings, and if you can’t stop beading them – as I did 🙂 – you can make a bracelet, or a whole necklace from them.

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