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Beading pattern collection Snowflakes ebook

beading pattern collection snowflaes ebook by Diána Balogh

(more than 1000 beaded snowflake variations)

Snowflakes are wonders of nature. Every single one is unique. If we could observe them closely, we’ll be dazzled by their beautiful complexity and fragility. You can learn how to create wonderful beaded snowflakes using a very straightforward way. The book walks you through the entire process of beading, with detailed instructions alongside diagrams and phase photos, so you can easily bead any of the thousand possible snowflakes, and create your own snowflake collection to turn your home into a winter wonderland.

Table of contents

  • Foreword
  • The anatomy of the snowflake
  • Beaded snowflakes
  • Basic snowflake
  • Decoration
    • Decoration of the snowflake
    • Detailed table with drawings 1
    • Detailed table with drawings 2
    • How to read the table
    • I. Phase 1. – middle part
    • II. Lead the thread to the outer edge
    • III. Phase 2. – Double duo
    • IV. Phase 3. – The space between the duos
    • V. Phase 4. – Single duo
    • VI. Phase 5. – The space between the duos
  • Excerpt of the drawings
  • Examples
  • Colours and beads I used
  • About me