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Claspception beaded clasp tutorial

Claspception beaded clasp tutorial

Clasp the clasp into another clasp. Repeat this again and again. The result is the Claspception. This is my new design: a modular beaded jewellery. Join 8-10 clasps into a bracelet. Or connect 20 into a short necklace. Or more for a long one. Create your clasps using more colours and combine the colours with each other. It is easy to make a black jewellery. Or a white. Join the two colours and create a black-white variation. The more colours you use, the more options you have for variation: cool and warm colours, shades of browns and gold, rainbow colours…

And one more thing: If you can not find the appropriate clasp for your beadwork, using this tutorial you can create one in the perfect colours for your jewellery.

This tutorial is based on Geneviève Liebaert’s Chenille spiral.

You can find the tutorial in my Etsy shop:

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