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Flat Chenille 101

An online worldwide event with Diána Balogh

This bracelet will be guaranteed one of your favourites: it is simple, delicate and elegant with tiny colourful accents.

I teach you in this video tutorial how to do the Flat Chenille stitch. I teach a new bracelet design, which I created for this year’s International Beading Week (IBW).

You don’t need any special beads, you can use seed beads from your beadstash!
Don’t worry, if you are an absolute beginner, I hold your hand and lead you step by step through the whole process.

Learn the Flat Chenille Stitch from me, the developer of the design and create your own Geneviève Bracelet!

You can learn from this lesson:

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Beaded flowers around a round stone

beaded flowers around a round stone

One of my favourite customers ask me to design a very simple, feminine pendant: a 12 mm rivoli surrounded by tiny flowers. 

She bought two dozen sweaters for women come from low-income families, are in shelters or getting back in the work force. She wanted to bead a small pendant to donate along with the sweaters, something pretty but not that would cause the women harm in anyway.

“I just wanted to make a little something special for them that they cannot buy in the store.”

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Bracelet beading tutorial: Andrea Bracelet

bracelet beading tutorial, Andrea bracelet by Diána Balogh

New bracelet beading tutorial

I designed the Andrea bracelet to match the Mangala pendant. You can create it with Swarovski bicone crystals. The shine of the crystals gives an elegant antique look to the bracelet (the silver bracelet on the photos). If you ran out the bicone crystals, you can use fire polished beads instead. They produce perfect result too (the antique brown and the black-green-blue-purple bracelets).

Although I write very detailed step by step instructions and guide you from the first step to the last with drawings, photos and explanations, I only recommend you this tutorial, if you are an practised beader, with RAW and CRAW experience.

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How to do flat chenille stitch

Flat chenille bracelet beading tutorial by Diána Balogh

The Flat Chenille bracelet is one of my favourite jewelries I made, because I created the base of the bracelet: the flat chenille stitch too.

I was wondering, whether it’s possible to create a chenille net, with more chenille rows. As a result for many years ago (in 2015) I created the flat chenille stitch with my own method. This is an easy pattern, with an enchanted, delicate and beautiful result.

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New beading tutorial: Cat pendant and bracelet

Beading tutorial and pattern cat pendant and bracelet

Do you love cats? Then the ‘Cat pendant and bracelet beading tutorial’ is a must-have for you!

If you create it using silver seed beads it will be a unique, elegant piece. If you love colours, make it from shiny seed beads: use the colours of the rainbow, choose the shades of one colour, or create it from your favorite colour…
… and then make one for all your cat-lover relatives and friends.

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New beading tutorial Lady Di Swarovski crystal bracelet

Swarovski crystal bracelet beading tutorial

I am fond of crystals. I love the radiance of every single crystal bead.
I like to work with these beads, to create jewelries from them, in which their shine is summarised. I created this royal bracelet from almost 400 Swarovski bicone crystals, and I recommend it to you, if you love the glistering of crystals as much as I do. Continue reading New beading tutorial Lady Di Swarovski crystal bracelet