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Flat Chenille Ring No 2

Flat Chenille Ring No 2 by Diána Balogh

Flat Chenille is still one of my favourite designs I developed. It is so simple, well organised and dainty. That is the reason, I love it very much.

I like the simple version of the ring too (which I designed in 2015), but I think, these rings with the pearls are even more elegant.

New in the tutorial: You will find cutout marker labels for the beads I used to create the beadwork on the printer friendly pages of the tutorial. Use them to make the beading easier and more transparent.

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Beading pattern Flat Chenille Ring

Flat chenille ring beading tutorial by Diána Balogh

You can create this simple and elegant ring with my Flat Chenille technique. Bead it using your favourite colours for weekdays, create one using silver or gold beads for special occasions. This design is perfect for booth.
If you have a Flat Chenille Bracelet, you can make a matching ring using this tutorial.

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