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How to make a beded bookmark – free tutorial

how to make a beaded bookmark

Lately the question often arises, what can we do with our beaded jewellery.

I made these bookmarks for my friends, who never wear jewellery, but like my work very much and read a lot. (The heart is for my husband of course ❤️ )

You can create bookmarks like mine in a few minutes. All you need for this project is a finished pendant (from your “pandemic” collection), needle, thread and round hat elastic. Choose a pendant with a flat backside. Cut off a piece of hat elastic, and sew it to the back side of the pendant. That’s all.
I made a detailed description for this project. You can download it for free.

❊ ❊ ❊

This tutorial doesn’t contains the pattern of the pendants I used for create the bookmarks.

This documents shows you only how you can create a bookmark from an existing pendant.

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Ladybird beaded bead for IBW 2020

Ladybird beaded beads

I designed this little beaded bead (its diameter is just 12 mm) exclusively for International Beading Week 2020.
I named my creation Ladybird Beaded Bead, because the red one remembers me to a tiny cute ladybird.

If you create one piece it can be used as a tiny pendant. From two pieces you can make a pair of earrings. From more pieces you can create longer earrings, and if you can’t stop beading them – as I did 🙂 – you can make a bracelet, or a whole necklace from them.

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Crash course in Copyright law – artisans’ edition

How I almost lost control over my intellectual property

I’d like to raise your attention to something, that might happen to your design, your intellectual property and your copyright, if you trust Interweave, or Golden Peak Media* with them. Please read this, even if beading is not your hobby/profession, because this can very well apply to all publications of Golden Peak Media (beading, jewellery making, knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, patchwork, embroidery and fine arts as well), because we talk about the same publisher. My story is a lesson for everyone, the designers, who create DIY tutorials, and artisans/crafters who create art based on print or on-line media.

If you think you are involved into this, please get in touch so we can do something together to protect our copyrights. »

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Free product catalog 2013-2017

free beading tutorial catalog

Download my free product catalog. You can find all of my tutorials between 2013-2017 in this catalog. All in one place: photos, descriptions, materials you need, difficulty of the tutorial.

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How to make Right Angle Weave Stitch – free video tutorial

How to make right angle weave stitch

Right Angle Weave stitch (RAW) is one of the most important stitches in beading.
In this video lesson I introduce the RAW stitch, and explain how you can bead this stitch. Continue reading How to make Right Angle Weave Stitch – free video tutorial