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Corona de Flore bracelet beading tutorial

Beading tutorial Corona de flore bracelet


I finished the tutorial of the Corona de Flore bracelet. Using the tutorial you can learn how to make this bracelet with RAW and peyote beading techniques.
You don’t need any special beads to create it.
This is a long beading project, it takes about 60-100 hours to finish it. So you need a lot of patience, and the result for your work will be an enchanting, unique bracelet.
I recommend this tutorial for very advanced bead weavers.

You can chose a beautiful metal clasp for your bracelet, but you can also bead the clasp. I recommend you my beaded toggle clasp. I think it fits very well with the Corona de Flore bracelet.

The beaded chenille toggle clasp is a part of the tutorial (so the tutorial of the bracelet contains the tutorial of the clasp).

The tutorial is available here >>