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The name of the bracelet

The name of the beaded Swarovski crystal bracelet by Diána Balogh

Dear Ladies,

Swarovski crystal beaded bracelet Lady DiThank you very much all of you for your help, and the many and appropriate name suggestions.

I shared this post in more Facebook groups, and I received more than 35 great names for this bracelet. It was very hard for me to decide.

Finally I chose the name, which received the most likes: ‘Lady Di’.

You can find the name suggestions here, on the end of this blog post.

If I finish the tutorial, I will send a 30% coupon in private message to all of you, who wrote a suggestion, as appreciation for your help, and a free tutorial to Kristi Paulson Mingus, who submitted the finalist.

Thank you very much, and happy beading!


❊ ❊ ❊  The names  ❊ ❊ ❊

  • Glory of beauty
  • Eternity
  • Crystal beauty
  • Tiara bangle
  • “Dressed for Success”
  • Lady Di
  • Ice Enchantment
  • An old song comes to mind … crystal blue persuasion
  • Galaxy Glitter
  • Tri-di-mond cuff
  • Sparkle
  • The Elsa
  • Star of Love
  • Diana’s Beauty Bracelet
  • I think Beauty fits perfectly x
  • La grande bellezza
  • Brazalete… Luz de luna
  • Queens Crown or Queens Jewels. Idk but it immediately made me think of a queen!
  • Sparkling halo!
  • First thought before I read your post? Looks like Crown Jewels!
  • Starstruck
  • The Queen’s Ice
  • Royal Reflections
  • Glory
  • Sparkle!
  • Razzel Dazzel!
  • Radiance
  • Brightling
  • Silver Moon
  • Ring of Fire and Ice
  • Tango nights
  • Engaged
  • Orion’s Belt, starry night?
  • Wonder Woman’s Wrists!
  • Mayfair

The tutorial is available in my store >>

or in my Etsy shop >>

❊ ❊ ❊

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