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How to make a beded bookmark – free tutorial

how to make a beaded bookmark

Lately the question often arises, what can we do with our beaded jewellery.

I made these bookmarks for my friends, who never wear jewellery, but like my work very much and read a lot. (The heart is for my husband of course ❤️ )

You can create bookmarks like mine in a few minutes. All you need for this project is a finished pendant (from your “pandemic” collection), needle, thread and round hat elastic. Choose a pendant with a flat backside. Cut off a piece of hat elastic, and sew it to the back side of the pendant. That’s all.
I made a detailed description for this project. You can download it for free.

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This tutorial doesn’t contains the pattern of the pendants I used for create the bookmarks.

This documents shows you only how you can create a bookmark from an existing pendant.

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