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Beading pattern Fernlike stellar snowflake

beading tutorial fernlike stellar snowflake

Beading tutorial Fernlike Stellar Snowflake

This is a 2 in 1 tutorial:
using it you can create two versions of the Fernlike Stellar Snowflake:

❊ one with a star shaped hole in the middle, and
❊ another one with a round stone crystal in the middle.

This is a no-special-bead project, I used super duo beads, seed beads and 8 mm round stones (optional) for the snowflakes.

This tutorial is based on the snowflake tutorials in my book “Beading pattern collection – Snowflakes”, which offers more than 1000 snowflake variations starting from a single, simple, easy to make base.

The tutorial is available in my Etsy shop:

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