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Aglio beaded bead

aglio beaded bead beading tutorial

Aglio beaded bead is a part of my Aglio jewellery collection. The name Aglio means garlic. The structure of the beaded bead contains 5 “cloves” and when I created a pendant from it, and attached the bead cap to the beaded bead, its shape reminded me of a garlic (hence the name).
The Aglio pendant offers you more options to wear it:

You can use your Aglio as a simple pendant. You just have to plug a chain (or a beaded chain) through it.
You can turn it into a real garlic by using a big bead cap.
If you make a long beaded chain, and plug both ends of the chain through it, it will be a very interesting pendant, like a scarf buckle.

You can find the tutorial for the Aglio beaded bead in my Etsy shop >>

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