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Toho – Miyuki seed beads comparison

toho - miyuki seed beads comparison by Diana Balogh

“You use Toho seed beads in your design. Can I bead it with Miyuki seed beads?” – this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get about my patterns.

My answer is sometimes “yes”, sometimes “no”, and it also happens, that the answer is “I don’t know”. And this answer doesn’t depend on my mood, or the beading skills of the questioner. It depends on the beadwork itself, it depends on how much the different sizes of the beads with the same size marking affect the final result.

It is possible that you already know from your personal experience, that seed beads with the same size marking from different brands in the reality don’t have the same size. My short study explains how is it possible…

You can download it for free from here >>