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Rowan’s Box pendant – RAW cube beaded bead tutorial

“Rowan had a special, fine casket. When Rowan wanted to have something, or he aimed for a goal, he simply wrote it on a piece of paper and put it into the casket. He stopped longing after them, because he knew that everything inside that box does already exist, and sooner or later it will be fulfilled. And so did it happen, each end every time.”

The Rowan’s Box pendant is a special beaded cube. This cube is created with metal filigree components, using RAW (right angle weave) technique, and it is decorated with crystals, or other types of shiny beads.

The beading pattern is very detailed. Step by step with illustrations, phase photos and explanations of each step, material list, color list, and finished pictures of the pendant.

You can learn from my beading tutorials, how to read the illustrations of beading patterns. I draw illustrations to each steps, take some pictures from the beading phases, so you can see the beading process from two perspectives. This way you can understand the correlation between figures and photos.
Beadwork pattern for advanced bead weavers.

Techniques: Right-angle weave

Finished size: 2 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm (0.78 inch x 0.78 inch x 0.78 inch)

You can find more informations and the tutorial here >>