Helleborus ear studs beading tutorial


Helleborus ear studs. Easy to make tiny beaded earrings. Seed beads project.

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Helleborus ear studs beading tutorial. Easy to make tiny beaded ear studs. Seed beads project.

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The listing is for a PDF file containing instructions for making the Helleborus earrings, not the finished piece (the physical item, the beaded jewellery) itself.

The beading pattern contains the Helleborus earrings pattern step by step with illustrations, phase photos and explanations of each step, material list, color list (you can find it on the last pages of the tutorial), and finished pictures of the earrings.

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❊ height: 7 mm (1/4 inches)
❊ width: 7 mm (1/4 inches)

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Beadwork pattern for advanced bead weavers.
Difficulty: Easy (⚈⚈⚆⚆)
Language: English

❊ 12 pages
❊ printer-friendly excerpt: 1 page
❊ 9 steps
❊ 11 illustrations
❊ 36 phase photos
❊ 12 color variations with color codes (product ID-s)
❊ cutout marker labels

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❊ Japanese Toho seed beads size 15/0, color 1 – 0.5 g
❊ Japanese Toho seed beads size 15/0, color 2 – 0.5 g
❊ Japanese Toho seed beads size 11/0, color 1 – 0.5 g
❊ Japanese Toho seed beads size 11/0, color 2 – 0.5 g

❊ Beading needle (e.g. Pony Size 12)
❊ Toho One-G beading thread
❊ Ear studs, flat pad, size 6 mm – 1 pair

As the products of different manufacturers may be of different sizes, I can only guarantee success with the beads I have named.

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This PDF document contains the pattern and tutorial (the plans and technical drawings) of the design created by Diána Balogh. The design is a three dimensional work of fine art. The design, and all the content of this document are the intellectual property of Diána Balogh, and are therefore under copyright protection.

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Purchase or download of this tutorial grants the purchaser license to personally make and sell beadwork made using this tutorial WITH THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:
Give appropriate credits when selling, or posting online the product made using this tutorial.
When posting your work online, or when you sell it, make sure to give me credit. Something like “Designed by Diána Balogh” or “Design: beading-tutorial.com” will suffice. You may only post photos from the completed product.
The purchase or download of this pattern does not give you permission to copy, distribute, lend and teach this pattern as well as post phase photos about the process. Mass production is not permitted under this license.

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